Some Examples

Whole of Government Initiative:
Agency required capability to assess progress of a whole-of-government initiative spanning numerous departments and agencies involving hundreds of current and o policies/ programs. Assessment and monitoring needs to be done on individual and cumulative appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency. (scale ~$6b)

Portfolio PBS:
Department with both policy and delivery agencies within the portfolio needs to provide integrated budget submissions with clear line of sight between appropriations and program, agency and portfolio outcomes supported by forward looking evidence based reporting. (scale ~$28b)

Major IT Program:
Agency IT group with heavy backlog of line of business demand on its core business applications needs to both encourage demand for improvements and prioritize that demand in the context of contribution to the agency’s outcomes. (scale ~$5m)

Managing IT Backlog:
Agency IT group undergoing core business application re-development requires high level business outcome impact/benefit model to help manage competing demands and priorities within releases as the lines of business are impacted by the staged rollout. (scale ~$000's m)

Investment Portfolio:
Research investment committee required a common, consistent, robust framework for assessing long-term benefits and ongoing validity of research programs within its portfolio of ~130 programs covering >1000 projects with 5-20+ year horizons (scale ~$3b)

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